Richard J Moder Announces Educational Seminars – 5-29-16

May 27, 2016 – PRESS RELEASE — St. Louis, MO — Richard J. Moder is proud to announce his company’s website The site will make it easy for clients to quickly find the information they are seeking and provide details of upcoming events. RJ Moder is the founder of Allegiant Retirement Group and has held an insurance license since 1989. Allegiant Retirement Group located in St. Louis, MO and Mr. Moder has over 25 years of expert experience. Allegiant Retirement Group has 4 convenient offices in Chesterfield, South County, Creve Coeur and Westport.

Richard has a strong belief in the value of education has been the foundation of his success, playing a vital role in drawing him toward senior planning. Richard Moder and his group provide solutions for:

  • The dreaded “OUTLIVING of INCOME” scenario
  • Potentially reducing or eliminating TAXES
  • Protecting of Savings from the Dreaded Nursing Home & Spend-Down (without the traditional long term care premiums)

“One of the main goals of Allegiant Retirement Group is providing clients with illustrations and products that will generate an income that you or you and your spouse will never outlive,” said RJ Moder.

Allegiant Retirement Group has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has been an “Accredited Business” status since 2005.

“We take our business ethics and customer service very seriously; and we are proud of our BBB A+ rating” and The National Ethics Bureau said, Richard J. Moder, Founder of Allegiant Retirement Group.
Richard J. Moder offers client workshops, appreciation events, speaking engagements and presentations which provide an opportunity for our clients to receive additional educational information at no cost. We offer informational seminars and guest speakers as well as educational handouts, reference materials, and product literature.

Richard-J-Moder-5-25-16Allegiant Retirement Groupis also hosting a complimentary dinner event. These events are by invitation only and seating is limited. This event is only for individuals between the ages of 59 to 69 who are retired or within 10 years of retiring. Call today to RSVP at (636) 733-2337. Seating is limited and we are expecting a full house each evening, so please reserve promptly. The topic for discussion will be: “Today’s Retirement Outlook: ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR RETIREMENT and PLANNING IN TODAY’S VOLATILE ECONOMY”

Every attendee who attends will walk away with an abundance of new information that will be beneficial for planning for retirement. If any of the 5 topics below are of concern to you, then don’t miss this lively and fun evening.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How to attach an income stream rider to your retirement accounts that you and your spouse can never outlive.
  • How to guarantee your accounts or a portion of them can never go below principal, due to a downturn in the market and strategies to experience only gains in the market. (Can you afford to rebuild your wealth in another inevitable downturn in the market?)
  • How to maximize your Social Security, and when you should start taking benefits. (Done by utilizing our software)
  • How to utilize a strategy that could potentially increase the amount you leave to your children and grandchildren with possibly less tax consequences. (Leave a legacy)
  • How to get nursing home coverage without the traditional long term care premiums This strategy will eliminate the high cost of nursing home coverage. (A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE!)

Hosted by: Allegiant Retirement Group

Nothing will be sold at these events and we invite you to RSVP if you meet the criteria. Dinner times and dates listed below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Roberto’s Trattoria
145 Concord Plaza Shopping Center
St. Louis, MO 63128

Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Roberto’s Trattoria
145 Concord Plaza Shopping Center
St. Louis, MO 63128

Tuesday, June 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Roberto’s Trattoria
145 Concord Plaza Shopping Center
St. Louis, MO 63128


Which Golf Tips Should You Listen To?

There are good golf pointers and bad golf suggestions. The question is, “how do you choose which golf pointers to listen to?”.

Due to the fact that a great buddy took up golf about 2 years earlier, this question has actually been brought your residence to me just recently. He has actually really caught the bug and plays several times a week. He also has lessons and practices regularly. Whenever we play together he is continuously requesting ideas and recommendations about his swing.

If you are sure that it will fit in with the rest of his swing, it is my belief that you need to just give a gamer a golf pointer. I have actually seen far too many players lose their swings when trying to embrace a golf pointer which simply does not fit in with everything else that goes on when they swing the club.

OK, I understand, there are specific golf ideas which are widely sound, like, “keep your head still.” But similarly there are lots of other golf suggestions that can be crippling even when offered with the very best of objectives.

In specific I recall a good player with whom I ‘d played many rounds who constantly drew the ball right to left, normally with good control. One day when his draw was a bit overstated, his partner recommended this perfectly sound golf pointer: “You understand, if you were to keep your right elbow well tucked in on the downswing you would lose that nasty hook.”.

The idea was well indicated. However, for a gamer who had a well grooved habit of swinging somewhat over the top of the ball, as Arnold Palmer was wont to do, it proved to be one golf pointer excessive. He became so conscious of his best elbow that it tossed the whole of the rest of his swing out of shape and it took him months to get it back again, said RJ Moder.

The point is that the golf suggestion didn’t fit in with the rest of his swing.

This is a mistake that numerous golf enthusiasts make. They pay attention to all the golf ideas out there and aim to adopt them all in their desperate search for a great swing. It is my belief that your objective should be to groove a golf swing that will offer you streams of straight and long golf shots by modelling your swing on one set of recommendations. You need to establish a mind film of that swing so that you can recreate it whenever you play a shot.

All these fantastic players relied on one coach’s vision of their swing to keep their mind movie in shape. They did not go asking for golf ideas from other players.

For a player who had a well grooved practice of swinging slightly over the top of the ball, as Arnold Palmer was wont to do, it showed to be one golf pointer too much. They listen to all the golf pointers out there and attempt to adopt them all in their desperate search for an excellent swing. It is my belief that your goal ought to be to groove a golf swing that will offer you streams of long and straight golf shots by modelling your swing on one set of guidance. They did not go asking for golf tips from other gamers.

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